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Foundations of Amateur Radio

How are contests scored? - The essential purpose of an amateur radio contest is to get on air and make noise. Each contest has a set of rules on how they intend to achieve this.

DATV repeater, VK3RTV now on the air

WIA News report that Amateur Radio Victoria's DATV Repeater, VK3RTV commenced high definition television transmissions on Thursday 15th July with a two channel multi-plexed downlink using the DVB-T2 protocol

DXCC Country/Entity Report

According to the Amateur Radio Cluster Network for the week of Saturday, 17th July, through Saturday, 24th July there were 201 countries active

Cuba jamming Ham Radio? Listen for yourself

IEEE Spectrum report that as anti-government protests spilled onto the streets in Cuba on July 11, something strange was happening on the airwaves

SOTA in the Canadian Rockies

SOTA in the Canadian Rockies will be presented by Paul Mower VA6MPM at the next QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo coming August 14th and 15th

France: HAMEXPO 2021 cancelled

The REF Board has cancelled the HAMEXPO 2021 event that had been planned to take place for September 25 at the Le Mans Exhibition Center in France

VK6WIA NewsWest

This is VK6 Amateur Radio News with NewsWest for Sunday 25th July 2021. Today we are talking to New Amateurs, welcoming those who have gained their first license, and also congratulating those who have gained another level

Sweden: 80m AM contest August 7

An 80m AM contest will be held in Sweden on Saturday, August 7, from 0700-0900 GMT using 3600-3750 kHz

Tony's 10m Band Report

Not a bad week on Ten Metres. I worked quite a few Europeans on FT8. There is surprisingly little FT4 on Ten. The standout station of the week is R7AB/P. He was top on 4 days of the week. I’m not sure why he was /P. However just look at his 2m antenna, wow!

DARC publish results of amateur radio survey

Germany's DARC has published the results of the amateur radio survey they conducted for the IARU, they had 550 respondents. In the UK the RSGB's survey had over 1,000 replies

ARRL release 2020 annual report

In the report ARRL President Rick Roderick K5UR says radio amateurs must embrace the changing landscape and accept the ever-changing technologies in our hobby today

DXpedition to Willis Island cancelled

After months of negotiations with the new Coral Island Management Authority, DXPedition leader Tommy Horozakis VK2IR has had to cancel the Willis Island DXPedition that was planned for November of this year

23cm band: Amateur radio coexistence with Sat-Nav

The Chair of IARU Region 1 Spectrum Affairs, Barry Lewis G4SJH, reports on the meeting of the ITU-R Working Party 4C (WP4C) July 5-13 which discussed the amateur radio 1240 MHz band

UK Advanced distance Learning

The Strangford High Frequency Enthusiasts Group can announce that it's distance learning packages for the full licence have been extremely successful