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AMSAT-EA On Air for AM1SAT Satellite Contest

AMSAT-EA will be on the air on all available satellites with the callsigns AM1SAT and AM2023SAT from September 4th to 17th, 2023 to celebrate the fourth edition of the AM1SAT trophy contest as part of the URE activities within the IberRadio 2023 event

More info at iberRadio.

Rules available from AMSAT-EA (PDF).

Source: AMSAT

OpenWebRX and OpenWebRX+ are Recipients of 2024 Amateur Radio Software Award

The 5th annual Amateur Radio Software Award was recently granted to Jakob Ketterl (DD5JFK) and Marat Fayzullin (KC1TXE) for their contributions to OpenWebRX and OpenWebRX+, respectively. Both projects allow software defined radio (SDR) receivers to be accessible through a web browser with full waterfall display and tuning controls. OpenWebRX+ includes support for noise reduction and decoding of additional digital modes.

The Amateur Radio Software Award is designed to recognize projects that enhance amateur radio through software innovation that is open source and unique.

Source: Amateur Radio Software Award

HAARP not Connected to Intense Aurora Display

On Monday, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) released a statement reiterating that the sun, not HAARP was responsible for the recent aurora display this past weekend.

“We have been responding to many inquiries from the media and the public,” Matthews said. “The HAARP scientific experiments were in no way linked to the solar storm or high auroral activity seen around the globe.”
The May HAARP campaign was scheduled about a month and a half before the geomagnetic storm. The timing was purely coincidental; geomagnetic storms are unpredictable, with lead times before a solar event is detected from Earth measured in minutes, not months.

View the entire press release on the HARRP website.

Source: HAARP