Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2231

40m center loaded vertical antenna, Coax Dipole for 2 meters band, 20m 30m 40m Bandpass Filters, SteppIR UrbanBeam Review, QTHnow, VA6AM Contesting Accessories, ANjo Antennen

SatNOGS Satellites List

Operating Modes/Satellites
SatNOGS DB is an effort to create an hollistic, unified, global database for all artificial objects in space (satellites and spacecrafts). You can view and export the data, contribute to it, or even connect your application using API.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2227

DXCenter DX Cluster, Bandpass Filter Calculator, FT8 Chat, Arduino Flex Controller, Contest Log Analyzer, N3TUQ DX Maps, ICOM IC756 Fan Modification,

Blocking Dynamic Range in Receivers

Technical Reference/Receivers
An explanation of the different procedures and definitions that are commonly used for blocking dynamic range (BDR) measurements. Dynamic range in general is the ratio between the weakest signal a system can handle and the strongest signal the same system can handle simultaneously without an operator switching attenuators or turning volume potentiometers

Satellite Yagi crossed 2m, 70cm

Construction of an antenna for experimental satellite communication, 8el. (435 Mhz) x 4el. (145 Mhz) Satellite Yagi crossed. No difficulty to built this antenna. Except the gamma match. that requires a little more attention

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2228

Coax Attenuation Chart, 9:1 Unun Impedance Transformer, An 80 m dipole antenna for restricted spaces, 144 MHz 2m dipole for SOTA, 2m Lightweight Portable Dipole, TNXLOG, Virgo - Meteorscatter app,

Double BiQuad Antenna for 2.6 GHz

This is basic instructions for homemade 4G Antenna working on 2600 MHz UMTS featuring 13 14 dBi gain. This antenna is desigend to resonate on microwave frequencies in two segments from 2500 to 2570 MHz for Uplink, and from 2620 to 2690 MHz for Downlink.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2229

50 MHz Omnidirectional antenna, Foldable Yagi Antenna, End-fed 6-meter Zepp, Digirig Mobile, How to Make an Automatic 12V Battery Charger, OTRSP Antenna Selector, TNXQSO.com , Z21RU Log Online,

Patented RF choke test

Antennas/Feed Lines/Choke
A reproduction test of a a binocular ferrite core and winds a total of 7 turns is a patented rf choke with an unusual winding, although this winding scheme reduces the inductance, it might result in a much larger bandwidth over which the choke has a sufficiently large impedance. The Author test this model by reproducing the choke.