World Amateur Radio Day: At Home But Never Alone

ITU News caught up with Otava Tuomi to learn what ham radio means to him as a young amateur radio operator, and its role - and revival - amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Magloop Antenna Calculator

Antennas/Antenna Calculators
The Magloop Antenna Calculator was developed to predict the characteritics of a small-loop (aka magloop) antenna, given physical dimensions entered via slider widgets. This magnetic loop antenna calculator works also on most mobile devices, adjusting sliders and calculating dimensions in real time.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2114

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New generation Hex Beam Antennas. VHQ HEX Products, located in Peterborough, NH, is owned and operated by David M. Lavoie. Our products are designed to solve issues encountered in Ham radio applications and move with todays configurations in an ever changing climate

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VHF Bi-Square Beam Antenna

2 Wavelength ,2 Meter Bi-Square Beam , 5dbd gain. This antennas are very cheeap to build and their radiation pattern is similar to a figure 8 with maximum signal through the loop but they may be used as a near-omnidirectional antenna

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IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.

Halo Antenna for 50 MHz

The antenna described in this article is for 50 MHz, but the design can be scaled for any band, including VHF, UHF, or even the higher HF bands. The antenna is nothing more than a square loop of wire, approximately 30" (or ~76cm) per side. The loop is fed in the middle of one side, and the opposite side to the feed point has a gap in it.

Fan Dipoles 10/15/20m and 12/17/30m

Antennas/Fan Dipole
How to build Fan-Dipoles by DK7ZB. Experiences with various band combinations. Not all combinations are working properly. If the frequencies are to close together the impedances will lead to a very bad SWR. This happens with the bands 10-12-15m or 15-17-20m.