Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2306

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Phased Array Antennas

Phased array antennas are composed of multiple individual antenna elements that can have their phase and amplitude controlled to steer the main beam direction in real-time. They are used in radar, communications, and electronic warfare, and offer improved gain and reduced side lobes. A comprehensive document on Phased Arrays include techniques to increase the Antenna Gain and change the Radiation Pattern

Sound Card Packet

Operating Modes/Packet Radio/Beginner's Guide
This amateur radio website explains how to use the free AGWPE utility program to send and receive packet data using the sound card of your PC. Note that AGWPE is a Windows-only program. This website, which is hosted on SV2AGW's web site, focuses on support for the sound card packet features of AGWPE.

The Weird Antenna Wire End Effect

A half wave wire that is tuned for resonance on 80m will NOT be resonant on 40m despite a precise harmonic relationship between the two bands. The End Effect is caused by a capacitive coupling between an unterminated wire end and the ground.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2303

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Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2304

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The Q900 SDR is a compact and versatile all band, all mode transceiver, designed for amateur radio use. It covers a wide range of frequencies from 160 meters to 70 centimeters, and supports multiple modes of operation such as SSB, CW, AM, FM, and digital. It has a compact design and intuitive interface