Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2213

Monitoring The Airwaves During Ukrainian Conflict, Fldigi on the Cheap, Ukrainian Contest Club UCC, Repeater-START App, Tropospheric Ducting, EA2CW QRP Portable radio setup , HF-Start WebTool,


Technical Reference/SWR Meters
The intention was to determine also very small SWR ratios with small power exactly. With this SWR meter, for example, the inputs of RF amplifiers with power < -20 dBm can be measured. In German

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2214

Build this Vertical Portable HF Antenna, Which part of a dipole radiates most?, Spy Numbers Stations, Pirate QSL Collection, DK0TE Mobile version WebSDR Germany, Pro Audio Engineering, SR4DON Web Radio Receiver, DK0TE KiwiSDR Germany, UR5WT WebSDR on 80m, Northern Utah WebSDR USA

KI7NEW Morse Code Trainer

Technical Reference/Arduino/Morse Code
The Trainer is based on a simple modular built STEM/game platform, plus newly developed interactive software,it contains six training routines, easy to advance, and consists of various learning aids. You select them from a menu. Feedback for menu selection is given audibly and through an LED display and serial monitor.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2215

How to install a Mini Whip antenna, T2FD Antenna - Terminated and twisted folded dipole, Ham Radio and Solar Power Systems, Folded Dipoles in Yagi Uda Antennas, Transmission Line Details , DK0TE WebSDR Friedrichshafen, WebSDR from Croatia,

IU1FIG Italian Amateur Radio Station

Ham Radio/Personal Pages/Europe/Italy
My name is Diego, I was born in Cassino, italy in 1980 and moved to Terni in 1991 and then to Recco (Genoa) in 2007. I have started my ham radio station in 2015 and I am member of c.i.s.a.r. section of Genoa. Developer of the MapForHam project, the map for radio amateurs.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2216

The W5JGV Loop Antenna , Square Halo Antenna for 10 and 20 Meters, WebSDR Roma2 Online Radio, Magnetic Loop HF antenna, Ham Census, PhotoQSLs, EDI Log Format,