TO2DL – Guadeloupe

DL7DF, DK1BT, DL7BO, DL4WK, DL6SAK & DL7UFR will be active from Sainte-Rose, Guadeloupe (NA-102) as TO2DL during October 10-23, 2022. Full info, including QSL details, will appear here. 

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[INFO] – 3Y0J Bouvet

NEWS UPDATE – The team have agreed new departure date from Falkland island of Friday January 13th. The team will assemble in London prior to departure to Port Stanley. All flight tickets for the 13 operators have been booked. We currently anticipate to arrive at Bouvet January 26th +/- a few days where we have […]

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3C/TA2OM – Equatorial Guinea

NEWS UPDATE – Ersoy now has confirmation that his official Equatorial Guinea callsign will be 3C3W. He will collect the paperwork on Monday (Sept 26th). Note: 3C3W callsign was used by Yuris YL2GM, Kaspars YL1ZF & Girts YL2KL in 2018.    Meanwhile, 3C/TA2OM has been busy working JA on 40m FT8 as per the photo. […]

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If we look closer at the next 3-4 months worth of DX / DXpeditions, you can see we’ve come a very long way from Covid times when nothing was happening! Let’s break down the coming months: OCTOBER FO/K6VVK, AH2_AH0/WA7WJR, TX7G, 8Q7TD, D60AE, 5R8FG, 5R8WP-5R8WG-5R8MM-5R8CG, VP2MLB-VP2MZN-VP2MOK-VP2MYV-VP2MDA-VP2MXH, TY0RU, VK9CM (VK9C), PJ5/W5JON NOVEMBER P29RO, J28MD, TX5XG, 7P8CW, T88WA, […]

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SP9FIH/VP9 – Bermuda

[NEWS UPDATE] Hurricane Fiona moved away from Bermuda. 165km/h winds were reported, but the island has power again. Janusz has a broken power supply for his transceiver so will tomorrow start looking for a replacement.  [SEPTEMBER 21] – Due to Hurricane Fiona forecast to pass near Bermuda (with expected wind speed over 100km/h) the start […]

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XZ2A – Myanmar

NEWS UPDATE – Unrest in Myanmar: Although I’m working in Yangon right now – teacher at an international school – I left my rig in Bangkok for the moment. This is because the civil unrest (well, civil war actually) is ‘hotting up’, with many deaths every day. I don’t want to be found in a […]

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FT4XW – Kerguelen Islands

[NEWS UPDATE] – “Apparently” was a good choice of word because following on from the info published yesterday (Sept 22) we have confirmation by QSL manager F6EXV that the activity by “FT4XW” on this day was sadly a pirate.  [SEPTEMBER 22] – The info below goes way back to early December 2021. During that period […]

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CR3SI – Selvagem Grande, AF-047

[NOW QRV] – Due to re-scheduled transport by the Portuguese Navy, the DXpedition will be delayed 2 days, now starting on the 23rd of September. The team plan to keep transmitting as long as possible until their departure which is scheduled for noon (local) on the 26th (tnx CT1DSV).      [AUGUST 31] Jorge CT1BOL, […]

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JX/LB4MI – Jan Mayen

[NEWS UPDATE] – As Helge’s activity soon draws to a close, here’s an excellent short video taken today showing fresh snowfall on Jan Mayen. Video was shot by Helge Hopmark.      PS: Next Wednseday (Sept 28th) the wintering team will arrive on Jan Mayen for the season ahead. It’s unknown if any of the […]

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[QRV] JW0A – Svalbard

[NEWS UPDATE] Here’s a short video by Hal W8HC showing the JW5E shack and surrounding areas.     [SEPTEMBER 21] – Thanks to both Hal W8HC and Peter JW7QIA for the pictures of JW0A in action.        [AUGUST 30] Veteran DXpeditioner Tom, N4XP reports that the Dateline DX Association’s planned JW0A operation from […]

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DX on this Day

Spanning nearly 25 years, looking back from 2021 to 1997 showing DX on this Day. Do you remember working D66D or VY0/KH0PR or maybe 5W1CW ? You can also check back here and see all previous DX on this Day posts. We will run with this feature generally every 3-6 days.  

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[QRT] ZL7/K5WE – Chatham Island

NEWS UPDATE Went outside this morning to fire up the generator. Oh yeah, did I mention the house runs on generator power? The wind was strong and cold out of the north with a drizzling rain. I shined my flashlight up at the antennas and guess what? The Crank-IR had fallen over. One of the […]

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[45] What’s in the DX Shoebox today?

Oliver F6EPN – aka Spratley Woody – the creator of DX-World’s Land of QSLs – brings us today’s DX Shoebox. It features Floyd McCoy, VR6AC. See below for background info: Floyd Hastings McCoy was born on Pitcairn Island on January 7, 1897. He was the son of George Francis Chris Warren and Adelia Carrie Jordon […]

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VK9XX – Christmas Island 2022

Stephen VK3SN will be holidaying on Christmas Island for a week from 23 September 2022 and, as a member of the Christmas Island Amateur Radio Club (CIARC), will activate VK9XX most afternoons and evenings (plus some early mornings) local time on bands 80-10m, mainly on FT8 with a little SSB and WSPR. See QRZ.com look […]

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