Southgate Amateur Radio News

Ofcom to add EMF clause to ham radio licences

Ofcom have decided to go ahead with their plans to introduce an unnecessary EMF clause into the amateur radio licenCe. It will be inplace no later than May 18 and there will be at least a 6 month grace period to comply

WSPR Rowing Atlantic sea!

Yes I did it! Guirec Soudee, after 74 days at sea and over 2,900 nautical miles of rowing, between Canary Isl snd Carabbean Isl I finally arrived this Friday February 26th in St Barthélemy

DXpedition video - K5P Palmyra Atoll

The following is a video/presentation at a 'Redwood Empire DX Association' (W6KB) online club meeting by John Miller, K6MM, titled 'K5P DXpedition: The Cursed Paradise of Palmyra Atoll'

Costa Rica and its great VHF National Channel

Costa Rica is a small country but it has an exceptional repeater system, which helps to save the broken topography of this Central American country of 51,100 km², thanks to the work of the main radio clubs and individual radio amateurs who actively participate

New 70cm beacon at Catalonia

Since March 1st a new 70cm band beacon is active nearby Barcelona, sponsored by Unió de Radioaficionats de Catalunya-URCAT

Alan Turing's grades

Alan Turing's grades report cards. Alan Turing was a code breaker and the father of computer science - here I react to some of his school grades

German North Pole DXpedition

Operators Martina/DF3TS and Thomas/DC8TMmwill activate Svalbard (EU-026) as JW/homecalls to start their DXpedition between April 10-13th, 2022

St. Lucia operation

Operators Bill/K9HZ (J68HZ), Kyle/WA4PGM (J68PG) and Dan/W0CN (J68CN) will once again be active as J68HZ from a villa at Labrelotte Bay, Castries, St. Lucia (NA-108, WLOTA L-1336), between March 2-11th

Problems with ham radio licensing in Brazil

Brazil's amateur radio society LABRE has written to the communications regulator ANATEL expressing their concern about the bureaucratic problems in becoming a radio amateur

New Zealand regulator's view of RF pollution

New Zealand's Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) says the RF spectrum 'has become an important economic resource, but its usefulness is diminished by pollution'

International Women's Day contest on Monday, March 8

Finland's SRAL reports International Women's Day will be celebrated in the spirit of a relaxed race. The contest will take place on March 8 from 0000-2359 Finnish Time (2200-2159 GMT)

Hacking a transmitter - 1920s style

Back in the 1920s, when electronic breadboading often used a real wood breadboard, swiped from the kitchen in the dark of night, a limited supply of commercial electronic components inspired ham radio hobbyists to roll their own capacitors, inductors, switches, and whatever else was needed to build a transmitter

Tim Hunkin rides again with The Secret Life Of Components

Long-time readers may remember one of the occasional Engineering Heroes series that focused on the British engineer, inventor and sometime TV presenter Tim Hunkin, known for his intricate creations, unusual arcade machines, and Secret Life Of Machines TV series’ from the years around 1990. It seems we’re now in for a fresh treat as he’s returning to our screens via YouTube with a new series

ICQPodcast - Progressive changes at the ARRL

In this episode, Martin (M1MRB) is joined by Leslie Butterfield G0CIB, Dan Romanchik KB6NU and Edmund Spicer M0MNG to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. Colin (M6BOY) rounds up the news in brief and in this episode’s features is in an interview with ARRL David Minster NA2AA, and the President, Rick Roderick K5UR as they discuss changes for the ARRL with Frank Howell K4FMH

Scotland Special Event

Look for special event station GB2CR to be active from Invergordon, Scotland, between March 4-18th. The special callsign's suffix stands for 'Collins Radio'

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group

The 2021 AGM of the South Eastern Amateur Radio Group took place on Monday the 22nd of February and, due to the current Covid pandemic, this year’s AGM had to take place on the Zoom platform. Club Chairman Mark EI4FNB welcomed the members online and thanked them for attending

DXCC Country/Entity report

According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 21st/February, through Sunday, 28th/February there were 214 countries active

IOTA news from OPDX

Weekly IOTA News - compiled by Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW