IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.

Portable Mast

Antennas/Masts and mounts
This is a schematic drawing of a project for the construction of a portable mast that can easily be made with PVC pipes.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2002

Grounding HF Transceiver using Coax Cable, Build a twin-lead Lindenblad Antenna for 70cm and 2m, From Windom Antenna to Multiband OCFD, The Yagi Antenna - Presentation, Interactive Ham Radio Locator Map, XieGu Tech, Amateur Radio Microwave - Introduction, The Lindenblad Antenna - Presentation, Retevis, How to program Motorola APX P25,

VP8PJ Log Online

DX Resources/Logs
Search the online log of VP8PJ DX pedition to South Orkney Feb. 21, 2020 - Mar. 6, 2020 Log search offered by M0URX.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2003

Raspberry Pi and Automatic NOAA Satellite Reception, HamClock - Ham Radio Desk Clock, 6m and 4m Vertical Dipole Antenna, Weak Signals - Reduce volume to reduce noise, 2m Quad Turnstile Antenna, 70 MHz 4m Slim Jin Antenna with Ladder Line, Milcom Monitoring Post,

DXWatch App for iPhone

Software/iPhone/DX Cluster
This is the official App of the popular DX Web Cluster DXWatch. You can follow amateur radio DX spots trough the world wide DX cluster network filter by band. Available for iPhone and iPad

TyQSL - Online Logbook

TyQSL is a modern Logbook by Hams, for Hams. A Place for other hams to take a look at your QSO statistics as well as search for QSOs in your Logbook that you made public. Just click onto your name in the Menu Bar when you are logged in to get to your public profile. Soma features includes Shows the users Valid Callsigns Look at QSO Statistics, Search Public Logbooks, Filters are avaliable to find QSOs fast Just share the Link on Social Media, QRZ, or Similar with other

CQ WPX RTTY Contest 2020

2020 CQ WPX RTTY Contest, February 08 - 09, 2020 Starts: 0000 GMT Saturday Ends: 2359 GMT Sunday

Home Made Artificial Ground Tuner

Technical Reference/Grounding
Home made Artificial Ground. This article contains a schematics of a custom artificial ground device that can be used to ground your station equipment if you live in an higher floor and cannot effort a proper dedicated ground connection. This Artificial Ground has been designed by Colyn Baillie-Searle GD4EIRP

How to stack dissimilar yagi antennas

In this article the author provides some guidelines on how to solve a common problem when stacking different types of yagi antennas on the same mast, limiting the effects on gain and radiation pattern of both antennas

ZS6KMD 20-40m Multiband Dipole

The dipole shown in this document is installed in an inverted Vee configuration, with two leg elements on each side held parallel to each other by 21cm spacers. The upper leg is for 40m and the lower leg for 20m. The spacers are made of 7mm plastic garden hose support for garden sprayers cut to 21cm.

Top Loaded Vertical Antenna for 80 Meters Band

Top Loaded Vertical Antenna 3,5 MHz 80m and a 14 MHz Trap for the 20m band. The weight of this portable vertical antenna is less than 1 kg, including the ground network. The weight of the telescopic fiberglass fishing rod is another 1kg. The rod expands from 1.5 meters to 8 meters.

ZR6KMD 20m Field Dipole

A simple drawing schematic of a portable field dipole for 14 MHz with dimensions in meters and instruction for setting up the antenna and to store the radial for easy transportation