XieGu Tech

XieGu Tech manufactures quality amateur radio transceivers and amplifiers designed by BG8HT. Xiegu focus is portable and self contained transceivers perfect for your next SOTA, hiking trip or travel experience.

Weak Signals - Reduce volume to reduce noise

Operating Modes/Weak Signal
This article discusses how volume reduction can help in the reception of weak signals by reducing the noise level. It is commonly known that reducing the volume also reduces the background noise, and especially in the reception of weak digital signals it can be beneficial

Interactive Ham Radio Locator Map

Operating Aids/Grid Squares
This grid locator map uses Google map apis to find your QTH locator by simply clicking on the map. You can either enter your QTH locator and find the calculated distance and bearing between your QTH and another grid square.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1940

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2m Quad Turnstile Antenna

The loops are made of 10 mm round aluminum tube. No bending pliers was used to gently bend 90 degrees to obtain a square with 53 cm inner sides. Each loop has an impedance of approximately 100 Ohm. To connect both radiators in phase, a quarter wave long feeder of 100 Ohm is required.

HamClock - Ham Radio Desk Clock

Technical Reference/Raspberry Pi
Keep track of much more than the time with this Wi-Fi enabled device. HamClock is a desk clock that could show accurate time, geography, time zone, solar activ- ity, sunrise and sunset times, Maiden- head locators, beam heading,

The Lindenblad Antenna - Presentation

This is a presentation used at OVARC on the LindenBlad antenna construction. The presentation cover several topics about this antenna, from the basic antenna design, to the guide on how to contruct a custom lindenblad antenna for the 2 meters band and and 70 centimenters band.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1939

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Build a twin-lead Lindenblad Antenna for 70cm and 2m

This document contains the detailed instructions to build a homemade lindenblad antenna using a twin-lead as dipole elements. This document contains 9 pages and includes a detailed construction sequence and some drawings to build this antenna for UHF and VHF ham radio bands

The Yagi Antenna - Presentation

A presentation of the Yagi Antennas, and other interesting tid-bits by Brian Mileshosky. This document explains basic concepts of Yagi-Uda antenna theory, influence of reflector and directors on global antenna gain and directivity of radio waves. A simple tape measure antenna project is also included.